Royal Natal National Park, KZN, South Africa
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Photographs at Royal Natal National Park - Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. 17th April 2006. 290kms from Durban at 3hrs Drive approx.

In the Royal National Park, the mountains form an enormous amphitheatre, and Mont-Aux-Sources at 3 248 m is the highest peak in the country. Other features are the Tugela Falls which cascade 800 m over the edge of the amphitheatre, the Rugged Glen Nature Reserve and the gorge carved out of the escarpment by the Tugela River

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  Bushman's Paintings: The stones lying are the tools they used for drawing.

  The star shapped objects are believe it or not, Fosils

  Our journey starts to Tiger Falls, 3.5 kms around 1hr 30min walk up the steep mountain terrain

  Lets intorduce the group once again: from right, Yaseen, Navaid, Asim, Shoaib and Mazhar.

  Asim volunteered to take this snap.

  Asim volunteered to take this snap aswell